Cool, New Boat Stuff

Add some serious bells and whistles to your boating experience!


What you'll find here is cool, new boat stuff. Gizmos and gear specifically designed for marine use. These items may be over the top for some boaters (the McMurdo Smart Find might be over-kill for a boater on Lake Wateree in South Carolina, but essential equipment for the offshore cruiser or fisherman who might be a reader of Grand Strand Pilot or Cape Fear Coast Pilot.


Whether or not you need these items, we know you'll find them interesting.


Twist-Lock Circuit Tester Simplifies

Safety Checks


Shore power connection issues can often be diagnosed with a simple circuit tester. But with their delicate leads and connecting wires, traditional tools can be inconvenient to use and easily damaged in corrosive marine environments. The HBLT26CM11 Twist-Lock Circuit Tester from Hubbell Marine offers substantially greater durability and ultra-convenience by simply plugging directly into any 30A/125V locking receptacle.



MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix


This looks like a pretty easy fix for small holes & chips in your fiberglass. But if you’re not comfortable with DIY, check the pros at


If you do want to give it a go, here’s the scoop: MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix is a UV and water-resistant, ready-to-use filler, available in 10 popular boat colors, that is perfect for repairing small holes, chips and gouges in fiberglass. No mixing is needed and there’s no need to paint over the repair.


9 Second Chip Fix incorporates the latest nano technology to provide ultimate strength and adhesion. A three-year durability guarantee assures a quality, long-lasting repair. And the MSRP is only $24.99.





Adapter Creates Safe Shore Power Connection


Owners of larger vessels need to keep an adapter aboard in case the marina they’re visiting doesn’t offer matching shore power output. For yachts with 100 amp, 125/250 AC electricity, Hubbell Marine’s YQ100PLUS Intelligent Y Adapter is ideal. It allows the user to hook up to pedestals that have one or two same-phased, 50 amp 125/250V AC receptacles.


Reflecting Hubbell’s commitment to safety, the YQ100PLUS features indicator lights that show if the dockside wiring is correct for adequate voltage -- helpful before an owner turns on the electricity in the boat. They also warn if one of the two plugs isn’t engaged properly, which guards against the danger of a live, but disconnected, cord end.





Custom Pontoon Trailers Deliver Boats, Peace of Mind


Pontoon boat owners deserve trailers that transport their precious cargo safely and affordably. That’s the philosophy behind Phoenix Trailers’ reputation for building the best trailers on the market. The company is known for its competitive pricing and short lead times.


Phoenix builds pontoon trailers with the same attention to detail that makes it a leader in the custom-trailer industry. Highly experienced, it understands the special demands of these uniquely-shaped boats.



FF12_BLUE _small

 Latest LED Lighting Sets New Standard


Combining the latest LED technology with extremely durable materials and a stylish compact design, Hella marine introduces its EuroLED 75 down lights. Ideal for both interior and exterior use, the new series from this leading lighting manufacturer offers unmatched performance and reliability.


Replicating the pleasing appearance of a traditional round lamp, the EuroLED 75 down lights also offer all the advantages of a highly efficient, durable, solid state light -- delivering the best of both worlds. It uses the highest-rated LEDs to reproduce colors in their natural richness, and the highly efficient optical system creates very wide and even illumination.





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Where A Thru-Hull Won’t Do, Light The Way

With New Aqualuma® Gen 4

FF12 Surface Mount LEDs


Aqualuma® Gen 4 FF12 Surface Mount LED underwater lights offer ultimate performance where a thru-hull fitting is not possible.


Available in Aqualuma’s Brilliant White and Ultra Blue, The Gen 4 FF12 replaces the original FF12 with a new design, higher output and built in thermo control allowing greater life. Featuring a fully self-contained fitting with a simple 2 wire installation, it produces both distance and width from the single fitting and can be mounted on any flat surface.



Cleaning Expensive Polishing Pads Is Quick and Easy


Boat owners know that well-cared for tools last longer. Polishing and buffing pads are no exception. Shurhold Industries offers a pair of products to clean and rejuvenate these pads to maximize their effectiveness.


When pads become caked with material, they lose their ability to hold new wax or polish. If completely saturated, they’ll splatter the compound everywhere, making a mess and wasting expensive polishing product.


To keep pads in top shape, it’s a good idea to pause periodically while working to clean them. Shurhold Industries’ ergonomically shaped Pad Cleaning & Utility Brush is designed specifically for this purpose. Its stiff, durable bristles will remove excess wax and polishing compound, leaving a pad’s knap fluffed and ready to be put back to use.



acc22887-x8h small

Flush-Mount Cleats Add Elegance to Larger Yachts


 The clean, flowing lines of a well-made boat define elegance and grace. Eliminating the knobby appearance associated with traditional mooring cleats, 12" and 15" pull-up cleats from Accon Marine preserve a boat’s fluid style by retracting flush when not in use.




Touch Lamp Delivers Smart, Controlled Lighting


Convenient, efficient and controllable interior lighting needn’t be confined to luxury yachts. Easy to install, the EuroLED Touch 130 lamp from Hella marine provides dimmable illumination with fingertip control.


Users simply touch the dual color lamp's white or red control pad to activate the respective light color, or hold it for two seconds to cycle through four dimming levels, releasing when the desired illumination is achieved. Hella’s advanced optic technology protects against eye strain by providing uniform light distribution and effective glare diffusion.



Impeller Inspection


Flexible impellers for inboard engine cooling pumps should be inspected once a year or every 250 hours, whichever comes first. But JMP Marine contends that since this requires everything be taken apart, why not simply replace? It’s inexpensive insurance to ensure a boat stays in top running condition throughout the season.


"When an impeller fails and the engine overheats, expensive damage can be done very quickly," said Chan "CJ" Jeon, JMP Corporation manager. "Simply replacing this inexpensive part once a year helps keep people safe on the water, without the headaches of mechanical trouble."




Shurhold Polishers Turn Chores into Easy Tasks



From giving new life to a sun-faded classic to keeping a new boat in showroom-like condition, nothing beats a quality polisher. Shurhold Industries offers three models that fit any need or budget, and turn tiresome chores into simple, easy tasks.


Shurhold's most popular model is the random 8mm orbit Dual Action Polisher. It makes short work out of removing gelcoat oxidation and buffing a layer of wax for the ultimate shine. A quick-change backing plate makes changing tools a snap. With a 5" oscillating head that eliminates swirl marks, it delivers professional results at less than the cost of hiring a boat detailer.





Safer Air Conditioning with the Smartplug


During the heat of summer, many boat owners turn on their air conditioning units. Whether portable or installed, they have serious power requirements that can strain and overload outdated, twist-type shore power systems. A safer approach is to use the revolutionary SmartPlug.


Available in 30- or 50-amp models, the SmartPlug consists of an inlet and cordset with connector. What sets it apart from traditional shore power equipment is the unique pin and clip design that provides more metal-to-metal contact. This dramatically reduces the chance of fire due to resistance and overheating from the loads an air conditioner can place on the system. Plus, its asymmetrical plug with spring-loaded locking clips slides straight in, making it easy to do when tired or it's dark.


The SmartPlug is simple to install. Its mounting holes match industry standards. It's simply a matter of unscrewing four screws, connecting the wires to the new inlet and reinstalling in the same cut-out. For boat owners with a usable cable, 30- and 50-amp Retro-Fit Connectors are available.


More info? Contact SmartPlug Systems at 206-285-2990 or visit

Marine Fan Manufacturer Re-Shoring,

Introducing Redesigned Cabin Fan


Marine fan manufacturer Caframo® is “re-shoring,” joining many North American boat builders in bringing production back to North America. Caframo is re-shoring the manufacturing of the new cabin fan to their Canadian operation to ensure best-in-class quality. The Sirocco II will add to the long list of products that are currently manufactured in Canada by Caframo.


The popular original Sirocco Cabin Fan introduced the industry and boat owners to a unique gimbal design for 360° directional airflow. The superior next generation three-speed Sirocco II boasts of 12-24-volt auto-sensing capability and is built to the highest quality standards in Caframo’s Ontario, Canada manufacturing plant.



Commercial-Quality Hand Pumps


The ability to quickly clear water from a boat is critical to safety. Beckson Marine's Thirsty-Mate® High Capacity Super Pumps remove 22 gallons per minute with no priming, and are ideal for any size vessel.


The 519CG#2 and 519CG#3 pumps in this series are so effective and durable, they exceed the original requirements of USCG regulation No. 519C. Beckson Marine was the only manufacturer that could pass the rigorous standards, so the Coast Guard reduced the approval qualifications. Both models have Approval No. 160/044/14/0.






Spacious 10' Rib Tender Boasts Luxurious Comfort


No matter how lavish the destination or breathtaking the view, a trip in a boat that leaves its passengers cold, wet and seasick is little more than sheer transportation. Argos Nautic’s visually striking 305 model tender not only provides a dry and stable ride, its sumptuous interior tempts one to extend the excursion with a few extra detours.





Elegant Yacht Tender Maximizes Space, Style

Patrizio Facheris knows a thing or two about maximizing space without sacrificing style. The highly successful yacht designer penned the exclusive Argos Nautic 305 model to provide sumptuous seating and legroom for four passengers, while reflecting the renowned modern, Italian aesthetic of Facheris Design.


The elegant 305 model is a 10' center console RIB tender that’s compact enough to fit into most mid-sized yacht garages. Lightweight, even with its 40 hp outboard, it’s easily hoisted with davits or a crane.

What separates this tender from its competitors is Facheris’s ingenious use of space. He designed the innovative layout of the 305 model to offer luxurious, ergonomic seating and provide ample leg room.



Leading Causes of Boat Fires Negated with Smartplug


Electrical issues, especially overheating and loose connections, are the leading cause of recreational boat fires. Retrofitting to SmartPlug Systems' 30 Amp Inlet and Connector Kit protects boat owners against these worries. It's the ground-breaking, safe alternative to old-fashioned, twist-type connections.


Simple to use, the SmartPlug System has dual locking clips and a sleeved inlet design for a rock-solid connection. The unique shape of the inlet makes it easy to orient when connecting, even in the dark. It pushes straight in; no pin alignment, twisting or lock ring is required.




Maintaining a Watermaker an Easy DIY Task


Maintaining a modern, reliable watermaker is one of the easiest—and least time-consuming—DIY tasks aboard a boat. FCI Watermakers offers tips for keeping this equipment in top working order making fresh, pure water.


A well-engineered watermaker allows for maximum, open access, whether it's modular or framed. First, give the unit a visual inspection. Modern ones are like new automobiles: incredibly dependable and easy to maintain, but the occasional peek under the hood never hurts.


With auto-flush, checking the filters constitutes the bulk of the routine maintenance involved in owning a watermaker. The prefilter can usually be washed up to three times before it's replaced—generally, every three to six months. Running the unit while at sea, rather than in dirty coastal water, will extend this filter's usable life.



The Humble Bucket Finally Improved Upon, and Then Some


Since its introduction in the late '60s, the ubiquitous five-gallon plastic pail hasn't changed much—until now. Shurhold Industries introduces the One Bucket System. It turns its World's Best Rope Handle Bucket into an extraordinary, multipurpose cleaning and storage solution.


The 5 Gallon Rope Handle Bucket is made in the USA and features a soft, 3/4" braided, nylon rope handle for easy lifting and comfortable carrying. Built to last, it won't rust or damage delicate boat finishes.


Elevated off the bottom of the pail is the removable Bucket Grate. Dirt and debris fall through the grate, so the wash tool is always in clean water. Brushes can be scrubbed against it to remove grime. It also has two built-in 3 oz. measuring cups for accurate proportioning of cleaning products.





Provides Search and Rescue Products

For Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s Route du Rhum Challenge


Legendary sailor Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has chosen McMurdo to provide his personal safety equipment for the transatlantic Route du Rhum Challenge.


The Route du Rhum is a single-handed, transatlantic sailing race where participants race from Saint-Malo to the finish in Guadeloupe. The 3,500 mile challenge is testing sailors to the limits of their mental and physical endurance.





Stainless Rigging Hardware


Precision engineered for reliability and performance, STA-LOK hardware is the choice of rigging professionals worldwide.


The STA-LOK range of spreader end tip cups is designed specifically for wire rope 12mm – 19mm. The easy to install stainless steel cups prevent thread galling. Standard diagonal angles are 75°/80°, but the cups can be custom finished to meet client specifications.




Prospec Electronics

Subwoofer Delivers the Lows

While Saving Space


Many boaters enjoy more than just the sound of the waves when on the water. Great music adds another level of fun to an already wonderful time. But all those electronics can crowd the boat. Prospec Electronics' new Infinity Basslink SM amplified subwoofer gives users all the lows they need without sacrificing space.






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