Commercial-Quality Hand Pumps


The ability to quickly clear water from a boat is critical to safety. Beckson Marine's Thirsty-Mate® High Capacity Super Pumps remove 22 gallons per minute with no priming, and are ideal for any size vessel.


The 519CG#2 and 519CG#3 pumps in this series are so effective and durable, they exceed the original requirements of USCG regulation No. 519C. Beckson Marine was the only manufacturer that could pass the rigorous standards, so the Coast Guard reduced the approval qualifications. Both models have Approval No. 160/044/14/0.


Overbuilt for demanding use, these pumps are ideal for commercial vessels and even lifeboats. Model 519CG#2 has 2' inlet and 6' outlet hoses; Model 519CG#3 comes with 3' inlet and 10' outlet hoses. They feature sturdy cast aluminum handles, stainless steel shafts and foot braces.


For recreational boat applications, Model 519C offers the same powerful capacity, without the military specifications. It has a 4' inlet hose and 6' outlet hose. All three pumps move one gallon of water in three pump strokes. At only 24" L and 3" in diameter, they're compact for easy stowage.


The Beckson Marine Thirsty-Mate® High Capacity Super Pump 519C has a suggested retail price of $350.10. Pricing for the CG models is available directly through Beckson.


For more info, visit Beckson Marine at




Impeller Inspection


Flexible impellers for inboard engine cooling pumps should be inspected once a year or every 250 hours, whichever comes first. But JMP Marine contends that since this requires everything be taken apart, why not simply replace? It’s inexpensive insurance to ensure a boat stays in top running condition throughout the season.


"When an impeller fails and the engine overheats, expensive damage can be done very quickly," said Chan "CJ" Jeon, JMP Corporation manager. "Simply replacing this inexpensive part once a year helps keep people safe on the water, without the headaches of mechanical trouble."


JMP manufactures its quality replacement flexible impellers using a unique, long-lasting rubber blend that resists salt, oil and heat. Available for a wide range of manufacturers' pumps, they start at $17 retail and come with a 1-year warranty.


Questions? Contact JMP Marine at 866-537-3959 or visit



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